As many readers will be aware, there has been a concerning re-emergence of silicosis in Australia since 2017, often associated with the use of engineered stone. A 2021 report estimated there were 350 silicosis cases in Australia. Whilst silicosis is a well understood disease in some fields, lack of awareness of the risk was identified as a factor in the re-emergence of this serious condition.

The AIOH Foundation provided a grant to the Cancer Council WA to supports its development of communication materials for a silica awareness campaign during Men’s Health Month in 2021. The campaign included the development of an animated awareness video, a case study video, and social media tiles and stories. Throughout the campaign, the Cancer Council posted and shared these assets across Cancer Council Australia’s social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and embedded materials on its website. Providing educational materials in a variety of formats and through a range of channels is intended to increase the reach of the messages. An assessment of the impact of the campaign will be conducted. Please consider sharing these or other silica awareness material with your networks to keep raising awareness of silicosis risks.