New grant award winners – Congratulations GCG & University of Queensland

15 August 2023

GCG and the University of Queensland were awarded a grant to investigate exposures to quaternary ammonium compounds in cleaning occupations. The grant will also assist in developing an assessment of the risk of exposure to these group of chemicals.

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Cancer Council WA is awarded the first grant of 2023

18 April 2023

The first 2023 grant was awarded to the Cancer Council WA for their submission to improve the understanding of the risks of Diesel Engine Exhaust. The funds will be used by the kNOw Workplace Cancer Program to develop and deliver a number of initiatives including digital resources, an awareness campaign during National Safe Work Month 2023 and engage with stakeholders about improving workplace standards.

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AIOH Foundation Project Video Presentation

6 April 2022

The University of Wollongong and Cancer Council WA present a video update on the progress of their AIOH Foundation Grant projects.

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Cancer Council WA Project

23 August 2021

The AIOH Foundation provided a grant to the Cancer Council WA to supports its development of communication materials for a silica awareness campaign during Men’s Health Month in 2021.

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Inaugural Grant Recipients 2020

26 November 2020

Following the announcement of the opening of AIOH Foundation’s inaugural round of grant applications earlier in the year, the AIOH Foundation is very proud to announce the recipients of our first project grants.

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